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Community Challenge: Where do you hang out for fun

For this month’s community challenge, we’d like to see the social places where you hang out.
So show us your local watering hole, your public library, the club where you dance, the town square where you come together for music or protests, the playground where you take the (grand)kids or any place where you meet up with friends or family – outside of your home.
The challenge will run between Saturday, Feb 10 and Sunday, Feb 18.  You can submit up to two images – if you’re a social animal! ;)
Please tag your submissions to:
- CBSocialPlaces (for Cultural Blip Social Places), and
- country name
Tell us the story of your social place and why it’s important to you: a bit of local history would be great!
So pick up the phone, call your friends together and don’t forget to take the camera along :)
I’ll look forward to your submissions.

Michele (aka Alsacienne)
Photo by Alsacienne : "Domino central" in Miami's Little Havana

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