By rainie


Again, like yesterday we were away walking early hoping to beat the heat - FAILED!!  The temperatures rose quite dramatically and I nearly expired.  
Left the camera at home today - which reminds to say a huge thank you to you all that popped in on yesterdays blip.  You are very generous.

OldTimer called around this afternoon, she needed a little bit of help with some computer stuff - that sorted we enjoyed a cup of tea and a chat.

Managed to edit another folder for my daughter who is going to make a photo book for Harry (his first five years).  Its been a bit of a mission, with 1000 + photos to edit.....nearly there though and I'm happy to help.  She hasn't any time being a busy working Mum and isn't really into photo editing.  Doing this is something I can do to help.

Took the lensbaby for a walk around the garden this evening, found three wee roses which did nicely.  I've added a subtle texture for effect. 
Another one in extra.

The winter Olympics start tonight (NZ time), we have the biggest team ever, fingers crossed for some good results.

Weekend again....how time flies by.  Have a safe and happy weekend.


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