You Old Soak

At last - the long awaited party round chez MrP. Yeah, we kicked off mid-afternoon with some poetry - always a good curtain raiser. In this case, ‘You Old Soak', a collection of poems from ‘up and coming' young Scottish poet Chris Lindores. Well, his publisher called him up and coming in 2009. And that was enough to get me to snap up a copy. That and the fact he was my cousin’s son. 
Before that, I’d caught up with the son for lunch and got conned into buying him a pair of trews. £5.99 - his needs are simple. And after, yet another trip to the movies - this time to see Journey’s End which, perhaps because it’s kept small scale, is pretty tense. Includes one of the scariest rifle shots I’ve ever heard. Made me keep my head down all film.
And then…. tarra… company returned! I’d got in bread and butter, so she had that. With beans! Knew I’d forgotten something. 

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