By BrianWard

Fill The Frame

Firstly, let me make an apology / confession. On reflection, I've been a little lazy / selfish, in as much as I've not devoted ANY time to Blip Web-min (if you watch Miranda you'll realise that's "Web-administration!). So, I'm going to start engaging in what the Grinch might call "a little social interaction", after-all, that's what the community is for, isn't it, to share our love / passion for photography :)
So to business. Long lens - 35-100mm (70-200mm equivalent field of view) at 100mm (work that one out for yourself) f2.8 1/60th iso200.
"Fill The Frame" the man said, so I did, with a little help of a 16:9 aspect ratio crop :) then I de-saturated the background just to help those lovely beech sapling leaves stand out from the crowd!

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