Maid in Wales

By welshmaid50

How much is that teddy in the window?

Went to the gym this morning, and guess who I saw? yes, it was Des. He had been to walking football, where he actually scored two goals, which he was quite pleased about. We had a quick catch up, but he couldn't stay long, as he had to be in work by 1 o' clock. He has his appointment with the trainer, for the Bodytrax next week, so that should be very interesting. As soon as I had finished, I walked up to open church, and had a cuppa and a chat, and then walked to town. I saw this lovely teddy, in the Ty Hafan charity shop window. I wonder how much he will fetch? 
Today would have been my Mum's birthday, and today, just like  every day, we will be thinking of her

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