Another view...

...of Alnwick Castle.

It was damp and grey as we walked on the Common with Loiue this morning, but by lunchtime there was a clear blue sky. In to Alnwick to pick up a few essentials, and to sign our wills. 

Fabulous views over the Northumberland countryside and the snow-covered Cheviot on the way there and back, and a definite sense that Spring isn't too far away, even if it is bitterly cold. Verges carpeted with snowdrops (extra), and crocuses and daffs beginning to come through.

Home to some domestic stuff and paperwork, while MrM modified a mandolin. (I have a sneaky suspicion that the customer will want it changed back again some time soon, but we shall see!) Planning to accompany MrM to a music session this evening.

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