...mandolin player extraordinaire!

All go today, in one way or another. MrM worked on Steve's mandolin, amongst other things; Steve spent the day on the hills; I spent a long time on the phone to various people and did some admin (not to mention a huge amount of washing up!); and the electrician replaced two ceiling lamps.

Thank goodness I queried my car insurance renewal, which seemed extremely costly. Much to my horror, the insurance company had last year's accident on file as a 'fault claim'. All sorted now though - the very helpful person on the end of the phone contacted the claims department and my solicitor there and then, and it's now a 'non-fault claim'. And, hopefully, I won't be paying quite as much!

MrM cooked a splendid paella for our evening meal, and now he and Steve, along with another friend, have gone to a music session in Berwick before Steve catches a train back to Edinburgh. Hoping for a relaxing evening, Louie permitting!

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