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At last!

Mrs Blackcap has a ginger nob, unlike her husband who wears a black cap. We can hear these little birds calling tik-tik-tik all the time, but they're hard to spot. Usually, when I've located one, it's been at the top of a tree and any photo is a silhoutte. So I was very pleased to catch this female Sylvia atricapilla fairly close up. My Extra shows her back view that struck me as irresistibly sweet.

At last, after ten rather cool days, the weather's turned - it has been HOT and sunny today. No-coat-weather! The clouds even began to lift from the mountain tops revealing the snow on their peaks - see my second Extra.

The smaller members of the animal kingdom responded to the warmth by suddenly emerging in numbers. Lizards sunned themselves both on the stone walls and on the leaves of bushes. I spotted several different butterflies, bees, hoverflies and even a humming-bird moth - which was too quick and briefly visible for me to grab a photo. As long as it stays warm, there will be lots more chances.

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