Home Sweet Home

She did it!

Daughter Number 2 and Boyfriend Josh finally completed on their first  'Home' today and I am so very happy for them. 

I had a text at 12.02 to say 'we're official home owners' (which nearly made me cry!) then a text at 4.45 with a picture of their keys (which nearly made me cry!) and 10 minutes later this picture of them both as they opened the front door and Josh about to carry her over the threshold (which did make me cry!) - as I'd requested!!!

Several texts later she told me they couldn't get the boiler going so Josh pulled some random bloke off the street who just happened to be a gas man and £50 later it was working!!!

I can't tell you how hard it is not to go running over to help them but I guess they are all grown up now and are learning the trials and tribulations of being a home owner - so all I can do for now (until I turn up on Sunday with a care package!) is be on the end of a phone offering support and words of Wisdom!!!

Sophie is my Middle child but the one who is best with money, has worked hard, saved hard and been the first one of my 3 children to be able to buy their own home. Its a dump but it's exactly what she wanted so I am so happy for her.

I hope the letter on the stairs is the Moving In card I managed to order and get posted just in time.

Good Luck Sopie and Josh. Let the Memory Making begin.


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