By inspirational

Work, where the excitement of the day was a large parcel full of new size stickers for clothes hangers, (really useful for people like me that likes all the hangers to be properly labelled!).
Then on to the care home for a meeting with the manager and head of care, I asked about setting up a "Do Not Resuscitate". It was a positive meeting. Then I got to spend some time with Jeanie, we shared the 'cat book' which she generally responds to. We had tea and cake, then took her downstairs to join in activities. I ended up helping another lady to do some knitting as she had dropped lots of stitches. She laughed when I said I was left handed and some people say cack handed. But she joined in with the "in, round, through, off." chant. We left once Jeanie was settled, as Keith was going out afterwards. I bought a cauliflower on the way home as Selena is cooking macaroni and cauli cheese.

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