By dogwithnobrain

Paint your Palette Blue and Grey

30 Day Challenge 

Day 5 

After Dark 

It had to be the stars.It had to be. 

When I was little my dad always took great delight in pointing out stars in the night sky.  The North Star, The Great Bear, the Little Bear, Orion, Gemini, planets, Venus, mars.

We didn't have a telescope, we didn't have a fancy camera - if he had been alive today, and been able to see these photos, he'd have died all over again.  he would have been so excited.  

he would have been sitting in the garden, no sorry, the golf course, he loved the golf course, gazing through my telescope staring in wonder all all that is in the sky. 

I've just sat out there for half an hour, gazing skyward.   I am frozen, but you couldn't drag me in until i realised my bum was damp, and my hand was numb. 

There are just so many stars, and more appear every time you look harder, it's astounding, mind blowing,   

We are not alone.

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