By dogwithnobrain

Put a little love in your heart

When I was at school the teachers told me many things - some things stick in your mind forever.

One of them was that one day the sun will explode and kill the universe. Later, I remember sitting in the back of my dad’s car, watching the sun setting over the Clyde coast from the A77 and thinking ....’this might be it’; the edge of the sun was touching the earth and I waited for the flames.

Tonight was one of those nights. It has been a wild day; i’ve felt miserable but I thought I’d venture out for air and sunset. There were storms passing quickly by; but then just as the sun was about to set (I could tell by the light) it appeared firmly behind the clouds and I could see its shape in all its weird and burning glory...

I wasn’t so bothered this time ... I could quite easily see it was setting on the sea; the cold water would put out any fire :-) and anyways, I spotted a Navy Boat on the horizon and that always distracts me


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