By dogwithnobrain

I know it's wrong . .. Digging Your scene

The sun shone this morning, so I was happy.  

I got out of bed and himself and i put on the dirty clothes for allotment life.  

My task today was to demolish the frame which had previously stood 6ft tall over the Leeks, and onions and shallots.  Dear god, why did we use so many Cable ties???? why???  My poor arms over my head and a stanley knife are not a good combination. Luckily I didn't cut myself. 

I managed to demolish it, and then I dug in chicken shit pellets, and then made big holes and transplanted my leeks from one end of the bed to the other, and then chicken shitted the rest of it. 

Then I re-painted the potato pots.  Although I painted them and lots of wood a few weeks ago - the potato pots did not keep the pretty colour. 

Then we came home, and I filled my new troughs (hand made) with soil and repotted my bulbs.  I was a bit sad that my packing bulbs in paper bags didn't seem to have the desired effect - a lot of them were mouldy and soft, and the others had started to bloom already. 

So I filled one trough with Lydia's lovely Gladiola bulbs which she gave me at the end of last season -  many of them had survived.  Another with what i believe to be my big fluffy tulips - (the writing on the bags had moulded off too) .  and another trough with about 80 bulbs of which I have absolutley no idea what they are. 

I hope they all come up - the house will be amazingly colourful. 

And now -I am t'igsausted.   My back is aching; sweeping and carrying always does it in.  I stood in the shower for20 minutes hoping the heat wouldd east it slightly.   And then.... what did I do.... I got the bloody karcher out and completely finished myself off. 

I think that now wine is calling me, and maybe a hot water bottle. 

(and a wee watch of "The Darkest Hour". 

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