By Jamjar

It was so nice to get home tonight. I've only been away from home since Tuesday morning, but it's seemed a long time what with sleeping in beds and sitting on sofas that aren't mine.  

I've been to my daughter's in Cardiff, stopping off at Mum's partner's in Cheltenham for coffee on the way, then to Dad's in Bristol and finally home.  I'm not one for the scenic route, I take the motorways... I want to get where I'm going as quickly as possible, but what with the ongoing mess that is the junction around the A50/A6/A453/A42/M1 and the "improvements" as they install Smart Motorways for us.... let's just say that parts were stressful!  

When I stopped working I decided to combine visiting my daughter and family with seeing my Dad, it saves driving hours and fuel. But I'm having second thoughts as it takes a chunk of 5 days minimum out of the month and is difficult to fit in.  I need to reconsider.

Anyway... heating's on, gas fire's on and pretty soon the kettle will be on for a hot water bottle :-)

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