Five countries in one day
# blooming early start....I did the first leg to Dover. Pouring with rain, dark and rain spray...quite scary.
#Good ferry crossing...<2 hours to...
#Lille for a breakfast stop....it was sleety snow and freezing. We had a quick walk about but it was far too cold (and Maria still had her pyjamas on!!)
##Then <2hrs onto Belgium for chocolate...of course...and by the expression on these 2 it’s serious business!!! Its warmer and no snow!
#Then onto Luxembourg for dinner...we arrived at 5 so there wasn’t much time for strolling around as the last leg was 3.5 hours and it was cold..and there was snow!!
# :((( got caught in 30 min traffic jam and nearly had a head on clash with a lorry REVERSING up a major A road in the dark!!! But made it to our overnight stop by 10!!!

Thankful for....getting here in one piece and then discovering we weren’t insured for European travel....WE ARE NOW!!

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