By TonyG

Late Night Crocus

After a relentlessly dull, damp day I resorted to bringing a pot of crocus into the warm.  Very quickly the flower opened, wide, the petals here just beginning to reflex.  A quick blip and it's back outside.

Having completed the DLA form (trumpets blast!) and and enjoyed a delicious meal out this evening with Jacinta, I have reason be feeling good about the day ... and I do.  

Brought back down to earth with a bump tonight as I realise I cannot accept an invitation to lecture in Dorset next year because ongoing issues here mean I cannot be away overnight.  My boundaries have shrunk massively.  Mostly I just deal with it, avoid thinking about the things I cannot do.  Hard though, when faced with the unpleasant reality of what it means.

Two pieces of philosophy for Friday - one an antidote to the other perhaps.

"Life is hard.  After all, it kills you."   Katherine Hepburn

"We are all in the gutter.  Some of us are looking at the stars." Oscar Wilde

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