By misswinterfinch

Young Red Oak Showing Off after the Rain

Every day the leaves change ever more deeply on this red oak tree at the edge of my wild garden. The poor ornamental grasses suffered from our summer drought and flopped unexpectedly. I think it makes this bog garden even more wild.
I live in a kind of strict suburban setting where all the houses are set on green grassy lawns without gardens or flowers. Sort of a golf course without the golf... or any birds.

Imagine the neighbors' surprise when I moved here 5 years ago and began replacing lawn with mixed hedging, ornamental grasses, small trees, roses and other flowers-- including whatever came up. Yet, I think they are getting used to it now... ho-hum. Best of all, I think it is beginning to look "interesting" and I actually have wildlife, various birds, including loads of butterflies for the first time this summer.

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