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By northernlass261

On the Clock

A sunny start, the wind getting up and proving chilly.

When I took Holly out first thing this morning I saw  quite a few cyclists who appeared to be in a race, so a few photos and Blip sorted!

However, we decided on a run (in the car) to Marina D´Or as it was a lovely morning.   We walked on the Prom and were delighted to see that the race was finishing there.   We were early as the music had not started, and so continued our walk past gardens, which we were not allowed in as we had Holly.  (quite right too).   But I managed to take a few photos and one I have put in extras.

After having a coffee, we headed back and saw some of the cyclists finishing and I took the other extra as the Guardia was keeping order with his whistle and applauding the riders on their way.

This is the Mediterranaean EPIC by GAES.   (Don't know what that means).   4 - day mountain biking race.   Held in the Province of Castellon from 8-11 Feb.   3 of the 4 stages are about 60km and one of 85 km!!  Three stages departing and arriving in Oropesa del Mar and the other in Castellon itself.   Open to elite professionals from around the world and general cyclists.

Certainly fit people!!

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