Picture this..

By northernlass261


A bright start, with some cloud cover but plenty of sunshine.

An interesting day started with a bit of a disaster;  I was doing some ironing and nearing the end, the iron caught on one of Alan's polo shirts.  It went really hot and burned the plate.  It appears that the socket has shorted and the iron has shorted out too!    

All during the morning there have been small aeroplanes going around, I tried to take photos and did manage one but not close enough.   Also there has been another day of cycling races along the prom with the Guardia again patroling the route.   So an interesting morning.

At lunchtime we went out for a bite to eat and drink and walking alonside a carpark I spotted this red squirrel!   So surprised, as it was not a 100 metres from the Prom.   I walked around to get a better photo and it ran down the tree towards me!   It looks as if it has some nesting material in it's mouth, so hopefully will have some offspring to boost the population.

Such a strange place to see one I thought.

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