Alternate Olympic Games....

The excitement is at a fever pitch today as team squirrel competes in two events! The first: the exhilarating snow diving! 
Rocky, the teams' first competitor, seemed a bit tentative on his climb out to the diving platform--first peeking out, then stopping partway there--but finally positioned himself for the dive! Leaping into the air (and looking almost as if he were flying), Rocky managed two half somersaults with a half twist, landing perfectly with very little "snow spray", & scoring an 8.5 out of 10! A great start for the U.S. Squirrels!
Next up was coverage of our second event, the invigorating
 "Snow Tunneling"!  
Team Squirrel led off with their most dependable tunneler, Skippy, who had a great start against the other competitors! He's known for his ability to keep his focus centered and his head down, only twice popping up his head to check his direction!  As you can see in his final picture, he's inches from breaking through into the main course, well ahead of the rest of the tunnelers, and registering the fastest time so far today! 
A great competition thus far for the squirrels!!    :))
Thanks to Debbi for AOG and to Admirer for Silly Saturday! 

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