By dfb24

Soccer Practice

My first, but Mae's 5th or 6th week. It's too bad practice wasn't yesterday, as I'd have had some great photos for SillySaturday! Just picture seven 3-4 year old kids playing games that teach them beginning soccer.......kicking the ball, dribbling the ball around all the cones, building a cone "tree", then kicking the ball into it, etc. And when the kids get tired, they just lay down, in the middle of the field, or wander around looking at stuff, or go sit down! Haha! I hate to say it but my granddaughter is just a bit dramatic! I don't know how many times she just laid down, all smiles and posing because she knew I had the camera. (Such a change from a year ago when she wanted nothing to do with it!) The bottom left of the collage she'd just kicked her ball into the cone tree, and note (in the 2 pictures next to that one), that she already has the "celebratory victory dance/run" down pat! Those little ones just made my day, as they were so cute, funny and enthusiastic!   :))

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