By dfb24

The day after...

...the night before. It snowed for a long time last night, and I've put one picture of yesterdays' beautiful snowfall into the extras. I just knew that today would look magical, so I got up early and went out to take some photos of this gorgeous snow. This main blip I took from up on the bluffs, with the Lake down below. (I put two of the images from this morning into the extras as well). I had a lovely time meandering around for an hour and a half, then went back home, just in time to greet my sister-in-law and her husband who came to visit us. I left them to visit with Tom at 11:00, as I'd made plans to meet a friend of mine for lunch at 11:30, and after that, the day just got away from me! My friend and I  talked and talked, and the waiter just kept bringing us more coffee. When I finally glanced at my watch I was stunned, as it was 4:30. I told TerryAnn the time, and she said there must be something wrong with my watch, so she asked the waiter, who agreed that it was 4:30. That 5 hours seemed more like 2! We paid up while I texted Tom to let him know I was still alive and not to worry, then left for home.  All in all, a perfectly wonderful day! :))

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