By dfb24

Maple leaf...

...in the snow. Just when I remarked yesterday how little snow we'd had, I woke up this morning seeing white, although not an excessive amount  of it. After church we stopped so I could find a blip, and this single dried leaf with the snow on it appealed to me. Now it's early afternoon and the snow has started again. All told we're supposed to get about 3-4 inches, so not too bad. 
I'd been on the Library's request list for David Baldacci's latest book, "A Minute to Midnight", and I finally got it on Friday, so I'd started it Friday eve.  After the girls left yesterday, I sat and finished it, & now with the snow and being stuck inside, I'm kind of wishing I hadn't read it so quickly. But, I'm a little behind on comments, so I think I'll use the "snow day" to catch up. :))

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