By dfb24


...in snow. Another of my original titles. LOL. Thank goodness I went out early to find a blip, as Jennie called while I was getting my hair cut and said there was something wrong with Tom's car. (He's been letting her use it at her apartment since I drive him everywhere he needs to go). She ended up driving it to the repair garage we've used in the past, and the problem? Someone cut out and removed the catalytic converter from the car sometime during the night.  The amount to replace it? $1200.  She was just sick about it, and needless to say we weren't too thrilled either, but what can you do but get it fixed. She made out a police report, but of course no one saw or heard anything. The garage is going to try to get the car done today, and if not, I'll be doing chauffeur duty tomorrow to get Mae & Jennie to & from their respective schools.  :) 

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