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By creativelenna

2000 Blips!

Wow, 2000 blip entries for me, that's hard to believe! A very small selection of those entries make up the photo collage you see here. As this milestone was approaching I knew I wanted to do something special. For some blip birthdays I've kept things quite simple . . . but for this one, I wanted to really celebrate that 2000 milestone, whoo-hoo!! 

My idea was this: To go through all of my blipfoto entries, starting at the very first one and choose a selection that I liked and also thought showed off the style of my blipfoto journal. Then, take those selected photos and create an Animoto Video with them. This required my FINDING the original photos on my computer! I had to work hard at times to find them, but was determined and did succeed :0)

I started with my very first blip on December 4th, 2010 and selected about 15-20 photos a year, from 2011 up to the date of my 2000th blip: February 1st, 2018. This was a lengthy project to put together, but one I really enjoyed. This is why I have been missing from posting here for at least a week! I will do some back-blips soon. I don't always post every day here on blip and sometimes I do take breaks. I'm a bit behind because of that, as far as how many blips for being here 7+ years. But you know what? That is okay!! I'm good with it. I enjoy what I do here.

If you would like to view the video I made celebrating my 2000 Blip entries, you can find it here. It's fun! I would suggest if possible, using the 2 arrows in the bottom right hand corner of the screen to enlarge the screen once you hit play. Enjoy! And thank you for being here. xo lenna

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