Journey Through Time

By Sue

Picasa Leaves

Leaden with rain, the grey clouds threatened to dump it's heavy load at every step. The chosen trees were two blocks away, an easy walk, but today, she made herself walk faster. Faster, faster, she said, glancing a worried eye to the impending downpour. It was mild outside and she left without a coat, but stuffed a plastic bag into her pocket, in case she had to protect the camera. Never mind that she would be soaked, but the camera would be safe. She saw the trees only a block away now, these three trees that put on a pretty good color show in the fall. Faster, she said as she crossed the street. Finally, the trees were there and the wind was picking up. The leaves were whipping back and forth, many losing their battle to stay attached to what was their home for the last 7 months. The lighting was poor, but she quickly got a few shots before turning for home. There was time for a few more photos on the way back, each step bringing her closer to shelter. Shutting the door behind her, she breathed a sigh of relief and headed to the computer. Uploading her meager catch of the day, she heard the tell tale sound of rain pelting at the window. She'd lucked out again and beat Mother Nature at her own game.

(Went to the mall, bought a new top that was on sale. Woo hoo! Got some mascara...which I'm sure will transform me to a Kardashian look alike, and then got my shampoo. Also went to store for dinner supplies. Bill requested French Dip sandwiches. Perhaps we will watch our movie tonight. Maybe we won't. Who knows? Oh, and Bill decided. We continue with Comcast, got the upgrade, the internet is fast too, and that lowers our monthly bill. Weird, but that's the way it is.)

Hope you are snug as a bug in a rug in your world, Blippers. See ya...

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