59 and a bit more

By 59

Bathurst Races

The Blackheath photography group (isbi, Hobbs, Beckett and Trisharooni) met at the races to get some different photo opportunities. Although I have been to the races many times, long ago, I didn't have a camera in those days. I went along for a few hours to join them and have a crack, first with shutter speed 800. Then I decided to try a slow speed pano shot but never had the camera set up properly in time to get the light right - way over exposed. I am sure I could work it out but time won't wait for you to work it out when there is a race going on.

Main picture has Destiny is Written, extras are the beauties with a couple of blippers exchanging cameras for binoculars. Finally is the horse and trainer Peter.

After the races we went to visit the grandkids and then went shopping for food. I was also on call for work as I had no one to cover the shift, only got one call and referred it onto a doctor as I couldn't help.

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