Last Sixteen

Breakfast duty! And papers too, of course. And then time for offski - to see the famous Hertz take on St Johnstone (again) in the last 16 of the Cup. After an early goal, it was as dull as the proverbial. I was sent off to the pie stall at half time to see if I could get something to spice up the experience. And I did. With Bovril, too. And no sooner was I back in my seat than we scored a scorcher. And then another. Oh, we almost sang. But that would be rude with our mouths’ full. 
Up to the Diggers for blethers and then a couple of buses to Trinity. For David Cox, one of our members, had arrived back after sailing round Britain and had been pressed into giving a talk about it. It only took him three years! The sail, not the talk. Though my companion felt it was a close run thing. I actually enjoyed it hugely. They were selling drams at £1 each! Though it may well have been improved with a half time pie.

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