The Lions in Winter

As on so many other days recently the main activity was snow-clearing. However, this time I was part of a gang instead of working on my own.
Our task was to clear most of the snow from the roof of "Rotunda", a round, barn-like building where Lions store the donated goods that we sell in our twice-yearly flea markets.  The building has been there many years so we've never needed to remove the snow before. (Strangely enough old buildings have much stronger roofs than modern buildings!)  However, with 150 cm of snow on the roof, and more forecast, we decided it was better to be safe than sorry. The six of us worked for about 90 minutes and then took a break for coffee and sandwiches. We had to eat outside because we'd shovelled so much snow off the roof that both doorways were completely blocked!  Another hour of work after our break and the job was done.  After three hours with six men working we had finally cleared the snow from the roof of "Rotunda".  It's important to leave 15 - 20 cm of snow in place to avoid the risk of damaging the roof as the snow is scraped and shovelled away. 
With me behind the camera the extra shows 4 other "Lions", happy to have done a good job!

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