The Track and Field event in the outdoor arena at the AOG - Alternate Olympic Games here in the Cotswolds got off to a flying start with the raptors coming from far and wide to compete.

Team Red Kite were on fire!! It had been nail-biting watching the sheer speed and ease with which they sped round the stadium. Their coach urging them on and clapping from the edge of the track - see Extra - told me they had had a gruelling training schedule but it was paying off. It clearly was! The only disaster for them being in the relay when Reggie Red a newbie to the racing team, catastrophically dropped the baton - see Extra. However the Red Kite Team captain Rodney saved the day by storming through to win the whole competition with the the final Nest Building and Construction event which saw them take an overall well deserved gold medal. I captured Rodney here on camera as he shot over the finishing line in the Extras!

Nothing like getting there early for a prime position on the finishing line at the AOG to bring you, the readers, the results as fast as they are flying in.

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