A bit of a Pre-Crufts panic!

I had booked the training hall after work. The surface in the hall is not good. There are 2 squares of carpet (about 2 x 5 meters), which we have trained on, but the rest of the floor is too slippery for Hero. 

During the winter, we have worked on details and just used the carpet, but we need more space now. Hero missed a treat today and chased it on the slippery floors. He slipped and it looked rather scary. I am terrified of injuries this close to Crufts. 

I lost the desire to work Hero in the hall, so I put him back in the car and worked Gollum. I then put all my stuff back into the car and drove to the outdoor training field to train Hero on less slippery surface.

Hero worked well.... but the training field was still frozen except for the surface, which was muddy and wet. The result was that Hero slipped again!

2 'falls' in one day and this close to Crufts! I decided to ring our doggie chiropractor and have him checked. Luckily he could see us straight away, so I put everything back in the car (again) and drove to Ringsted.

I am glad I did. Hero's shoulder was out and needed to be put right. Since it was done immediately, it should be all ok again and he can train already tomorrow. 

Soooo.... a very frustrating day, but at least it looks like it all ended well.

Gollum, Shadow and Biscuit got to play in the training field before and after Hero's training, so at least they had an ok day. My picture today is of a very excited Biscuit,  

See you tomorrow
Emmy and the Hazyland Boys

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