Now, as I see it......

By JohnRH


I had every good intention of going up to Olney this morning to see the famous Pancake Race but when it was time to leave it was pouring with rain, bitterly cold and a strong wind blowing so I thought better of it. Probably a good job I did as my new phone (to replace the one showing early signs of the 'red screen of death') arrived at 11.15am when it was supposed to have been delivered between 1-2pm. I spent a while setting it up and transferring the details from the old one, and was rather pleased to see I could choose as a ringtone any of the thousands of tracks I have stored on Amazon music! So for Shrove Tuesday here's a pancake in the making to replace those intrepid, and no doubt cold and wet, ladies from Olney in their race.

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