I Have A Cunning Plan!

By BrianWard

Open Your Eyes

Decided to venture across the road today to the Mount Airy side of Beverley Road Dale. There's a small Beech Copse - only about 20-25 metres by 20-25 metres square, but the trees are magnificent. 
I've been here quite a few times before, but obviously not really opened my eyes properly to the photo opportunities within the copse. 
Now, I like this, it's a degree above "ok", in my opinion, but I'm thinking - this would look amazing in the snow....wonder if we will get any more this winter? Obviously I'm now hoping that we do! :)
Lumix G 35-100 f2.8 at 35mm (70mm equivalent field of view).
f11 to get a good depth of field. 
1/160th of a second exposure to ensure the HDR, In Camera Jpeg composite, can handle the +/- 3 EV needed to create the hdr image.
This lens shows me the green light for a stabilised image at 1/20th of a second hand-held at 35mm - you do the math! ** if you need an explanation please ask :)
ISO 1000 (set to auto) which the camera decided was needed to get the correct exposure at 0 EV.
16:9 aspect ratio crop and a lot of playing with hue, saturation and luminance in Lightroom to get the look I was finally happy with.

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