Desperately seeking

By clickychick

I ❤ Jigsaws

I was wondering what would be a good subject for St Valentine's Day when I noticed I had a heart jigsaw waiting to be done on the iPad. I made up the edges and arranged the other pieces into a heart shape. The jigsaw is a picture of lots of small pink and red hearts.

In December I was blipping a Code Word puzzle book and saying how I loved doing them. Knottman2 told me about iPad word jigsaws and I found them fascinating BUT while I was looking for them I found other jigsaw firms. That was it. I was hooked! Totally in love with them!

If you don't LOVE jigsaws, stop reading now!

So! You get a free picture every day or you can get about 40 puzzles on a theme for £1.99. When you're to download each one you get a choice of how many pieces you want from 4 - 1024 and a choice of whether or not to rotate the pieces. I choose images similar to those I like to take to blip.

Now you may laugh at the idea of a small number of pieces, I wouldn't normally do ones below 1,000 pieces BUT, it's so much harder sliding a piece around on a screen than picking it up from the table and holding it over the box picture. So, I started smallish with 256, not rotated, and worked up from there. To make it harder I don't allow myself to look back to check the full picture!

The good thing is, that once I have a few downloaded I can take them out with me when I don't have internet connection.

I've taken a few shots of the stages in Extras:-
1. This blip image.
2. They land in a heap then I click to give me edge pieces.
3 When the border's done the other pieces load in, I love the pile of colours!
4. Then I click to scatter the pieces to beyond the border.
5. Here's one inspired by some posts I love seeing in blips. So difficult, not a lot of detail or variation in colour.
6. A finished one, complete with time spent sitting doing it. Oh dear!

As this firm want me to show my friends these, I presume they aren't copywrited, unlike shots of a TV screen!

Have a happy day! If it can't be with someone you love then enjoy it doing something you love to do!

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