Pictorial blethers

By blethers

By way of a change ...

The more obvious change is in the weather - after the blue sky of yesterday's Blip we are swathed in cloud, mist and rain. There's a gale blowing the high tide over the parked cars on the East Bay (why do they leave them there?) and it's raw and chilly despite an apparent rise in temperature before the next load of sleet. I may not venture further than the chemist today, so this is likely to be my only photo.

The other change is about to happen, when I go off for a short walking holiday in the Eastern Algarve. I'm currently trying to pack, a chore I loathe - hence the blipping when I should be sorting out hiking socks. The weather forecast suggests Scottish summer-type weather, with less rain. As said forecast currently changes daily, I'm not placing too much reliance on it. There's a motley heap of clothing lying waiting for me to do something creative with it.

It's also Ash Wednesday. I often post a photo of an ash cross. Perhaps I'll add one later ... The words "dust thou art and unto dust thou shallt return" feel very apt for a day like this. I hope we're not using the new liturgy ...

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