Pictorial blethers

By blethers

Sky, hills, town

This photo, taken at the junction of Ferry Brae and Hillfoot Street in Dunoon, sums up what in essence attracted me to this town: the wide sky (often grey, but today a wonderful pale-stippled blue), the hills (white with new snow again) and the old heart of the town with the Victorian crescent beyond the space that used to hold the gallows. It's never busy, but in the late morning before the primary school in Hillfoot Street comes out at lunchtime, it's more or less deserted. There are shops in Hillfoot Street, including an excellent specialist Health Shop, a great chippy, a fashion boutique  and a rather good wine merchant, though the cobbler on the corner is long gone and the shop is empty again - but it's never exactly crowded.

I used to say I wanted to live between the mountains and the sea, and this town gives me that. These hills begin ten minutes walk from where I was standing today, and the sea is five minutes behind me. 

And on a day like this, that's a good place to be.

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