Pictorial blethers

By blethers

Low sun in the wind

There's something theatrical about the light in this photo, taken around 4.30pm on a day when the grey sky hung low over Dunoon - presumably driven through the Central Belt by the strong NE wind. At Toward, seven miles to the south, the sky was blue as the sun sank towards the haze over the sea and over Bute and the seriously strong wind blew salt air over the fields. We'd come this far with the wind at our backs; now we were to turn and have it drive in our faces on exposed parts of the road back to the car.

But first I had to take this, with the sun on the gorse. And I managed to hold the camera still...

My extra photo is of a sadly derelict building in the centre of Dunoon. In my time here it was the Albany Hotel, but it's been a long time empty. I was once at a political meeting in the lounge, a sadly scabby place even then. Now it's an eyesore, right opposite the supermarket. To the right is the crossroads with the main road; to the left the sea is driving past the promenade in the wind that has blown so exhaustingly all day.

It's for sale ...

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