Search for tea

My search for a packet of green tea led me to the local pharmacy and an unexpected encounter.
 “ Green tea? “says the eager young Egyptian man behind the counter.
 “ No problem… what drugs you want? I have plenty…no prescription need…. Sleeping pills, antibiotics? “ He rattled off more.
 I protest
 He is unconvinced.  Eventually he accepts that all I want is a packet of green tea.
“Come back tomorrow.”
I leave tea-less- and drug-less.
That’s it about Egypt. They have a very relaxed attitude to medication.
Our resort is almost empty today because all the British package holiday people have decamped en mass to spend a day on an uninhabited Paradise island. (Been there, done that got the t shirt - you get there to find other hotels have also had the same idea of sending their guests to experience a “desert island” only to find the Paradise Island is more like a Paradise Hell).
So we got to meet some of the non-British today- like the glamorous young Polish couple that I mistook for Russians, they could both have stepped straight out of the TV thriller McMafia.
There are a sprinkling of Russians here (along with some Germans, Dutch and Egyptians), not many because they like “party hotels” with lots of loud music and vodka.
M went snorkelling. He claims the water was warm. But not warm enough for me, nor others too. Only two people were in the sea and he was one of them.

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