Space is the ultimate luxury

There is no shortage of space in the desert and our hotel makes great use of it.
This is the entrance which features a stunning water display filled with rose petals.
 (Walk across the road and you are straight into the desert).
Another planeload of Russians arrived today looking pale, coughing and spluttering but after a few days in the sun they will be transformed into sun tanned healthy looking people.
 I know. It happens to us all. That’s why we put up with the wretched package flights where we are  crammed like sardines to get here.
Except today its cold, and I am glad I packed a couple of sweaters.
This week is offering a good opportunity to catch up on all the books I have bought and yet to read.
"The Case Against Sugar" makes sobering reading with its author, Gary Taubes, claiming sugar not fat is the root cause of the Western obesity crisis.
Without wishing to be judgmental I can’t help but notice that many of the guests fall into the overweight/ obese category. They certainly know how to tuck into their food from the self service buffet .
( You have to search to find the local fresh fruit, including dates,  hidden in a corner. )
The problem is that sugar is addictive, in the same way as tobacco or alcohol yet it is difficult to avoid.
And there are multinational companies making fortunes out of it.

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