Love is...

A morning message to brighten the day,
Soft cosy slippers to warm the feet,
A cup of tea to while the worries away,
A slice of cake for a little treat,
The company of a friend when you feel blue,
A good moan that the world’s not fair,
A fit of giggles to lighten the mood,
A handwritten card with words of care.

Sam 14 Feb 2018

My Valentine’s Day gift was a visit to my friend in hospital this evening. It was my job to brighten her mood but actually she brightened mine! The love of friendship is worth a million roses every time.

Returned home to see a missed call from the gorgeous American. Second missed call in so many days. We first met on Valentine’s Day last year. Says he misses me and wishes he was here. Awwww! Sometimes words are enough to warm the heart.

Happy Valentine’s Day Blippers xxx

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