By FlyingPRGal

All About Blackie

Valentine’s Day morning started with snuggles with Blackie, one of my bro’s cats and a card with the words “What a Star!” and a gift wrapped in red tissue paper. What a lovely surprise from my bro’s.

Ping goes WhatsApp with a Happy Valentine’s Day message from across the Atlantic reminding me two years have passed since we met at the Castle. It’s all very well meeting Prince Charming but if his kingdom is an ocean away then it’s not quite the fairytale.

Blackie starts nudging me with his paw to stop looking at my phone and gives me the Blackie stare. “Errr excuse me, I am here and need your attention!” Needless to say the motivation to get off the sofa waned with my feline friend for company.

The sun was shining like a bright spring day so I put the roof down on my MX-5 for a lovely drive along the coast. Enroute back to Kent I met Dad for coffee and we then went shopping for materials for my Upcycling projects... paint brushes, lint cloth, dust sheet, sandpaper and block. Looking forward to getting started and creating a new look for my pine furniture.

Cuppa with Mum after the shops and she was chuffed to see me wearing my hearts jumper she bought me for Christmas.

Epic 3 hour journey home. The motorway roadworks were an utter nightmare and the diversion route I took was completely jammed too. Arrived home exhausted and deflated after a long Email relating to the cottage.

I now have the dilemma over whether it’s time to move or put up with the status quo. My cottage has a few issues which have been ongoing for months and whilst the landlord has funded repairs it’s not solved the issues. As an old property the only solution is to pull up floorboards and fit new pipes but the landlord isn’t prepared to do that. Won’t go into details but let’s just say it’s not ideal.

Having fun and games with my iPhone which keeps overheating and switching itself off. Then have to wait ages for it to cool and recharging is slow. Looks like I’ll have to trade in the phone as the battery replacement cost is getting silly. New screen last week and the Touch ID isn’t working either. Such a pain. I’ve been recommended to buy a reconditioned phone and keep my SIM. I may go for that as a cheaper option.

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