Entangled Calm

This was taken just a few yards from where I live. I never normally take much notice because I'm either rushing past to get somewhere, or keen to get home. Today was a slow day and I found myself here looking for a blip. Posting retrospectively, it was a day of entangled calm before the unentangling storm! I pass this spot several times on most days, where Backstone Beck tumbles below the road at the point where Cowpasture Lane turns into Hangingstone Road. These names reveal a very clear provenance. 

I'd love to be cast back in time to see what things looked like at the end of the nineteenth century when my house was built. I realised that someone actually has been doing a bit of pseudo time-travelling here recently. I found a few excavated pits and hundreds of old glass bottles and ceramics. This was presumably the site of an old rubbish dump. Looking at what's been left behind, I can only assume some pretty good stuff must have been found.

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