Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

Double-decker Carousel

Not sure if this is the best picture taken today, but certainly one I really like! We took Diane and her brother Trevor to Global Village tonight. They hadn't been in ages, so hadn't seen all the new changes made on the site. Glad to say they were impressed, and as it is Chinese New Year tomorrow, we ate - Chinese!

Prior to that, I finally (reluctantly at first) gave my room time it has long needed - for a big clear out of things. I actually tackled one part of my wardrobe. Tomorrow I will do the other. I have to admit I am thrilled with the space created.

I hope to ride this carousel the next time G & I visit Global Village. She reckons it will be next month as we have friends visiting. In other news, whilst having our Chinese meal, the web developer messaged to say the website is finally live! I didn't jump up to do the happy dance as I only had my phone to check it, but even on a mobile device, it is working much better than a month ago! Onwards and upwards.

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