By ciorstain

Barrowland Star - Simple Minds

Started working at 9 am. Walked to Karen's shop at lunchtime to get a Valentines card for Neil at Karen's shop. Although I had to leave the shop twice because my phone was ringing and the calls were rather important.
Got the card finally plus a wee present and walked back home.
It was a lot to do and Jack was already "knocking at my door".
Neil was home short after 7 pm and half an hour later it was time to go to Glasgows most iconic venue, the Barrowland Ballroom to see the equally iconic Simple Minds at their home ground. 
It was a fantastic gig and I enjoyed every second. They played their new album, but also the old songs. Despite being a little aged, Jim Kerr still has it! Big sound - great music - fabulous show!!

Photo is not great quality - but it had to be it for today :)
Extra: Barrowland Ballroom outside. Icon of Glasgow!!

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