By ciorstain

Back in Berlin

I had a busy morning working but stopped at 12 pm in order to pack. I had not managed last night after the Simple Minds gig.
I was ready at 3 pm for my taxi to the airport.
Had a smooth travel through Amsterdam and arrived in Berlin Tegel just after 10 pm. I was home at 11 pm and through my luggage in the flat and got out again to hit Kaisers before closing to buy some essentials.  
Back in the flat I unpacked and moved in for the week.
It's good to be back in Berlin, although without Neil this time again. He is busy and I am hoping for a more relaxed week due to Chinese New Year.

Blip is taken in Berlin in our Kiez. A very old style Berlin Bar of an interesting appearance. I have not been in yet - it does not look my style.

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