Meet Pedro

This creamy beauty is Pedro, our new neighbour's cat who hails from Portugal.  He is usually seen indoors, but today decided to venture forth and explore the environs of our house and garden.

Fortunately, Simba was indoors and went to investigate from the safety of the French doors (see Extras).  They exchanged noisy greetings and then Simba decided he'd had enough of socialising and went back to his comfy spot on the settee, leaving poor Pedro crying at the window:-)

It was a Red Letter Day today, although we had to wait in for most of the day for it to happen!  I've finally managed to persuade TJ to part with his giant TV set (with integral video and DVD players) and accept a new slimline one (a Smart TV too!) See Extras.  It was delivered mid-afternoon and I easily managed to set it up for him and he was delighted and relieved to discover he could still get BBC Text on it, just like his old one.  

The videos have not gone to the tip, but the DVDs are being held on to, just in case, as we have a separate DVD player!   Wonder what else I can get him to part with (as long as it's not me:-))

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