Ostrich eyes

We've had a very long day today starting with a 5.30am wake up call, on the road by 7am and visiting the Ostrich Farm just after 9am.  The ostriches (?) were very interesting and not at all gentle!  Their necks with their 19 vertebrae were so flexible and funny!  This one looks a bit grumpy, doesn't her?  At least he will never end up as steak...  He is purely for tourists to go to see.

The early starts are taking their toll now - we are all very tired and most of us spent most of the day dozing instead of looking at the diverse scenery between Knysna and Cape Town.  You can see some of it in the extra,

There are a few people feeling a bit wobbly this evening.  Eleven hours on a coach on some bendy roads leaves you feeling a bit as if you've been on a wobbly boat all day and you need to get your land legs back.

Our guide is hoping to get us up Table Mountain at 8 am tomorrow so no lie-in there then!

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