Salvage from the Wreckage

By NickMogToo


4vs5 at football - this is getting to be a pattern.
Tuesday? The Fartlek was on a 5 mile route rather than the usual 10k - to avoid wind round the lake, apparently. So it ought to have been easier. But there were a lot of “efforts” and short rests so it was still hard work. I clocked up 6.8m so I was working hard.
Wednesday was outdoor football. Lots of people getting ready for the 7 a side tournament.
Today, a late illness dropout left us with, yes, 9 players. The 4 of us were leading after 40 minutes but we just couldn’t keep up the work rate and lost fairly comfortably after the hour.
Snuck off early from work (which, BTW, is pretty full on at the moment) to go to that London to help M to move flat - from somewhere near Stoke Newington to somewhere called Earlsfield.
We finished the last bits of packing (and, true to my prediction, he ran out of Ikea bags) and went down to pick up the hire-online Zip van that lives, conveniently, just outside his flat.
M went round the van, photographing the various pre-existing scrapes. I called him round to the other side and pointed out that it only had three wheels. The van parked behind it was a tyre repair thing and the man was just finishing up a repair.
But then M couldn’t open the van. He checked the booking, via the app. Thursday the 15th. Oh, of March! Ytied to book it for this evening but it was already booked. Managed to book another van which was parked, less conveniently, a mile away.
It took an hour to bring his stuff down in the lift and into the underground car park (a Ferrari, a few Porsches and the DS that I blipped on a previous visit). Another hour to drive to the new flat. An hour back to deposit the van (£29 for the night - really good value) then we set off on the tube. M going back to the new flat and me back to Euston. Where, luckily, I walked straight on to a train whose first stop was MK. Unluckily, it went so slowly that it still took over an hour.
In bed by 1:00. On a school night!

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