Alternative Olympic Games / SillySaturday72

Skye and Nube complete the Very Difficult...Frisbee 'Hand'-off during the final leg of the 'Halfway Across the DogPark' Relay! These two have been practicing for months minutes to nail down the perfection shown in this photo! They also thoroughly enjoyed leaping up on the podium, sniffing butts all around and accepting the Golden Dog Cookie (2) for their performance! Way to Go, Team Dog! Also...Check the *Extra for Fletch taking a break from the stresses of competing for a little light-hearted 'Squirrel Chasing' points were given and the Squirrel is just fine! 
So there you have it...SillySaturday and Alternative Olympic Games (AOG)!
Thanks go out to both Admirer and dbifulco (Debbi) for hosting these two fun challenges!

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