... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

St. James's Park: Shakin' Heron

Groovier in large.

I back blipped yesterday's St. James's Park pic this morning, and returned for more this afternoon... Yesterday's was a pelican pic, so I chose this for a change, but I actually got better pelican pics today (having learnt from yesterday's similar conditions), including feeding, flight, preening, and plumage.
I also photographed the Ross's geese, this characterful (dominant) heron (stillin action, and in competition), and a black swan (posturing, posing, and portraits).
My other St. James's Park photos are on Flickr here (today's are right from here).

Pelicans: Incoming, Fishing, Struggling to swallow, Poser, Feathery
Heron: Rage, Launch, War poseOrientalism, & fly-by
Black swan: Flash of white, RipplesFunny look

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